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“Cash Service Netherlands” (GSN in Dutch), headquartered in Weesp, the Netherlands, is a lead logistics service provider responsible for the provisioning of cash money to customers via Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) on behalf of the major commercial banks in the Netherlands. Rabobank, ABN AMRO Bank and ING Bank established GSN in 2011. Until today, these commercial banks are GSN’s shareholders as well as key customers. GSN counts, sorts and packages the Banks’ with their own cash processing centres. GSN coordinates the distribution of cash through the ATM-network, and manages the ATM inventories and technical monitoring of the banks’ ATMs. The actual field services to replenish and maintain ATMs are contracted to a few specialised vendors. The GSN services are established for the largest Dutch banks, but GSN welcomes other customers to also join the collaboration. GSN has the objective to relief its customers from all cash related activities, in a way that cash is kept available, affordable and customer-oriented.

GSN has a total of 300 employees in permanent employment. Temporary forces are supplemented for specific teams and projects.

Core values
In fulfilling its responsibilities, GSN embraces its core values of ​​pride, enterprising and professionalism, with a balanced interest for customers, employees and shareholders.

Our customers, ABN AMRO Bank, ING Bank and Rabobank have trusted us with their cash money to ensure continuity, quality and efficiency throughout the supply chain. They therefore measure our added value on the basis of these three criteria. Banks decided to outsource cash operations to GSN in order to focus on their core businesses. For GSN, cash operations is core and ensuring cash availability for the Banks, and ultimately for their end-customers, is of primary importance.

Improvement, end-to-end responsibility, continuity
GSN strives to continuously improve its service and reduce expenses. Our aim is to take end-to-end responsibility to offer a high quality and seamless service.

Our Vision
At GSN, our objective is to keep cash safe, available, accessible and affordable for our customers, ensuring that the experience matches customer expectations. For them, establishing GSN has been a natural next step in ensuring the continuity of the ATM infrastructure for withdrawals and deposits of cash at acceptable costs. For individual banks it became harder to keep these costs manageable because of a structural decline in the use of cash in the Netherlands (9% in 2016), but centralising their operations in GSN contributed to a standardized services at lower cost. To be successful in this declining market, we use a strategy different from that of businesses in a growth market. This is clarified best by our three key concepts in our vision: Availability, Affordability and Customer-orientation.

GSN focuses on the best possible availability of ATMs, to ensure that consumers and businesses can withdraw and deposit money whenever and wherever they please. Every effort is being made to prevent cashpoints being out of service due to technical failures or a shortage of cash. We monitor real-time ATM availability and focus on local conditions by applying specific attention to local events and exceptions. To this extent, we use intelligent monitoring and planning tools. For counting money and putting it into circulation, we have our own processing centres. For the physical distribution of cash and the execution of maintenance activities, we have partnerships with specialised companies.

Given the combination of a structural decline in the use of cash and high fixed costs for keeping the ATM-network up and running, the cost per cash transaction are likely to increase. Despite the decline in use, GSN ensures that cash remains affordable. By increasing automation, standardising processes and systems and making continuous improvements, the expenses stay aligned with the decreasing cash volume.

Customer focus is of the utmost importance to GSN. Even if GSN delivers high quality services, for instance a high national ATM-availability level, the perception of service quality can be insufficient if customer expectations are not fulfilled. Sometimes, the efficient resolution of an issue is more important than simply fulfilling the service level agreement. We believe that accommodating underlying customer expectations contributes to higher customer satisfaction and greater confidence. In actively seeking alignment and cooperation with our customers and regularly discussing what works, what could be improved and what should be done in the future, our objective is a perfect match between customer expectations and customer experience.

Corporate Social Responsibility
In performing its tasks, GSN endeavours to consciously uphold the three pillars of CSR: people, planet and profit. First and foremost on the basis of our own conviction. We believe that our customers, naturally, expect nothing less from us.

The amounts of money with which our employees come into contact are exceptionally large. We therefore only engage employees after pre-employment screening. Once they have joined us, we put a great deal of trust in our employees. Wherever possible we offer opportunities to people who are disadvantaged in the labour market.

We encourage our employees to consider their choices with regard to possible environmental impacts. When GSN becomes operational in external logistics, the CO2 footprint will also be explicitly included.

The primary task set for GSN by its shareholders is to ensure and maintain a socially-responsible network for cash services. It is also stipulated that we must act with optimal effectiveness and efficiency, achieve a reasonable profit level in order to continue investing and continuously focus on product improvement and development.

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