ATM network

A new network gives ATMs a new future
Geldservice Nederland (GSN) is responsible for the distribution of cash money for ABN AMRO, ING and Rabobank. Together with these banks, GSN looks at the future on how an optimal and secure network can exist with fewer cash dispensers. Because even though cash money is used less and less, availability remains necessary. This is also the opinion of De Nederlandsche Bank, which recognizes the importance of consumers and entrepreneurs being able to easily withdraw and deposit money.

Early 2019, GSN will start the migration of the ATM network in the Netherlands. By the end of 2020 an improved national network of ATMs will be operational, to ensure that cash is also safe, accessible, available and affordable in the long term.

User-friendly cash machines
With the new ATM network, GSN wants to improve user-friendliness for everyone. Therefore, all GSN ATMs will get the same appearance and will all work the same way, so anyone with a valid bank card will be able to withdraw cash. For those who withdraw money with an ABN AMRO, ING and Rabobank bank card, no limitation applies to debit card payments; GSN applies the daily limit if it has been determined by the bank. The current bank balance is also available for everyone. In the new situation, (small) businesses can deposit money at the nearest machine and therefore no longer have to do this at a vending machine of their own bank.

GSN is working on a smarter distribution of ATMs in the Netherlands so that everyone can go to a cash dispenser within a radius of 5 km. To make the location of the ATM available to every user, GSN works together with social parties, experts and local stakeholders to see how the machines are used. And to move, remove or add an ATM wherever necessary.

The safety of ATMs is important for everyone; for residents, consumers and (small) businesses. GSN therefore works together with the police and the Ministry of Justice and Security to keep cash withdrawals safe. As already is the case with the banks, safety standards are expanded and GSN is taking specific security measures.

GSN strives to keep cash withdrawing affordable. By spreading the number of ATMs in a better way and increasing the efficiency of the organization, the costs remain manageable. Even if the use of cash decreases.


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